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===Less Important===
===Less Important===
* Change references to QM in Wiki.
* Change references to QM in Wiki.
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Things that need to be done to change the branding from 'QM' or 'OpenQM' to the new name (yet to be decided as of time of writing).

Note: I have characterized tasks as 'important' and 'less important', but of course this is subjective. The items in the first category are things I think we should change before a release, whereas the second lot can be left until later if necessary.

System Changes


  • Change the @QMSYS at-var (note: change in F-type VOC entries, too). Change to '@SYS'? '@SYSPATH'/'@SYS.PATH'?
  • Change '/usr/qmsys' to something more appropriate.
  • Change 'QM.VOCLIB' to 'VOCLIB'.
  • Change '/etc/qmconfig' to something more appropriate. (Diccon gotit)
  • Change the various program names from 'qm*' (except QMClient?).

Less Important

  • Change all the source 'qm*.c's (except QMClient?).
  • Change the VOC entry 'QM.ACCOUNTS' to something else (what?)
  • Remove the 'gpl' bit from 'GPL.BP', 'gplsrc', 'gplobj' etc.
  • Rename QMPKG (is this much used?)
  • Rename QMClient?
  • Create an 'OpenQM Compatibility Mode'? (e.g. equate @QMSYS to @SYSPATH)

Code Changes


  • Change the welcome message to something more appropriate.
  • Change the QM Started message

Less Important

  • Change the info in the headers in GPL.BP and gplsrc.
  • Rename internal references to 'qm' (e.g. function names).


We need some!

Website Changes


  • New domain name.
  • New logo (get a temporary one quickly; permanent one can come later).

Less Important