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How to obtain a snapshot of a recent development revision

Snapshots are available at

For the latest snapshot go to

Snapshot filename convention is: openqm-gpl-dev-<stable version number>-r<SVN revision>.tar.gz

How to unpack a snapshot

The snapshot is a gzipped tar file. The simplest way to extract the files is to use the following command:

tar -zxf current-dev-snapshot.tar.gz

You can also decompress the file first and then extract the files:

gunzip current-dev-snapshot.tar.gz

tar -xf current-dev-snapshot.tar.gz

The tar will extract the entire OpenQM bundle and gplsrc root into the current working directory.

Example process:

cd /tmp/

mkdir /tmp/openqm-snapshot/

cd /tmp/openqm-snapshot/


tar -zxf current-dev-snapshot.tar.gz

How to build a new copy of OpenQM GPL from a snapshot

How to upgrade an existing OpenQM GPL install from a snapshot