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We need a logo for this project (I'm constantly suprised that Ladybridge doesn't have one itself). This page has some logo suggestions on it; please add your own. Don't forget to sign your images; use ~~~ after the image.

QM Icon

Small, low-res images for use as icons.

  • This is an icon I created for a QM-related project.

Logos for OpenQM. At the moment, these should include the word 'open' and the letters 'QM', in that order. Please use the discussion page if you think this should change.

I've taken this and run with it, see what you think Source

OpenQMGPL Logo.png

Currently the main logo for the site. Available as a moving and static logo.

  • Mvrlogostatic.gif

(N.B. This logo is not the same as on the main site logo; if someone has that copy, please overwrite or duplicate this image.)

  • Mvrlogo.gif