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*Reporting and tracking bugs: http://gpl.openqm.com/bugzilla
*Reporting and tracking bugs: http://gpl.openqm.com/bugzilla
*Wiki: http://gpl.openqm.com/wiki/ (This page)
*Wiki: http://gpl.openqm.com/wiki/ (This page)
*Subversion repository: http://gpl.openqm.com/svn/qmvdb/ (currently gives a http 403 forbidden error) - [[HOWTO]]  
*Subversion repository: https://gpl.openqm.com/svn/qmvdb/ (currently gives a http 403 forbidden error) - [[HOWTO]]  
*[[Downloads]]: automated daily build for key platforms is top priority
*[[Downloads]]: automated daily build for key platforms is top priority
*[[Wish list]] - Things that you want & that we need contributors/devs for (lots of small things)
*[[Wish list]] - Things that you want & that we need contributors/devs for (lots of small things)

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This site is dedicated to the development of the GPL version of openqm by providing a traditional open source environment where anyone can acquire or provide up to the minute bug fixes and developments.

This is a purely GPL project but individual committers are obviously entitled to also submit their work in parallel to Ladybridge, perhaps using diffs, under licences which allow incorporation into Ladybridge's non-GPL codebase. This will minimise the fork and perhaps facilitate further GPL releases from Ladybridge.

The subdomain name is granted by Ladybridge but this server is not their responsibility or under their control.

The gpl.openqm.com server is a vmware 2 virtual machine located in a high bandwidth data centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is hosted by steve.bush@neosys.com who is responsible for daily backup to another data centre in Amsterdam. If you can provide stable high bandwidth backup or VMware 2.0 hosting to mirror outside Europe please contact him.

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How do I use this site?

If you have a question on how to use the GPl version of OpenQM, then send it to the support and discussion mailing list.

If you want to discuss development of an issue (eg. PHP5 module), and there is no page here for it, then login, and add a page for it. Others will add their contributions to that page.

There is no general discussion forum, because you are expected to edit this site through the wiki links. Feel free to change ANYTHING. If we don't agree with what you do, we can change things back.

There is a developers email list, but really we want you to edit this wiki site directly. That way things don't get lost in the historic trail of emails, and then get asked again.



  • QM Client API - Documentation and Available API's for the QM remote protocol.
  • Billabong Services' Anji - an open web based file browser and reporter. Eventually to become a RAD system. Pre-alpha grade of code. [1]
  • Brian Speir's Installation instructions and other downloads [2]
  • Kevin Powick's Trident Delphi wrapper [3]
  • Tom Delombard's old QM page. Includes details of the tape utilities and the PHP4 module [4]