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This site is dedicated to the development of GPL version of openqm. The objective is to provide a traditional open source environment where anyone can acquire or provide up to the minute bug fixes and developments.

While this is a purely GPL project, individual committers are obviously entitled to also submit their work in parallel to Ladybridge, perhaps using diffs, under licences which allow incorporation into Ladybridge's non-GPL codebase. This will minimise the fork and perhaps facilitate further GPL releases from Ladybridge.

The subdomain name is granted by Ladybridge but the server is not their responsibility or under their control.

The server is a vmware 2 virtual machine located in a high bandwidth data centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is hosted by who is responsible for daily backup to another data centre in Amsterdam. If you can provide stable high bandwidth backup or VMware 2.0 hosting to mirror outside Europe please contact him.

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irc: irc://

repository: subversion coming

dev email list:

support email list:


future: download automated builds derived from the repository