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Welcome! is dedicated to the development of a community distribution of OpenQM, by providing an environment where anyone can acquire, study and contribute to the OpenQM multivalue database.

This project is focussed purely upon the GPL implementation of OpenQM, originally developed by Ladybridge. This project was founded on the 28th November 2008 to independently develop future versions of OpenQM. Naturally, contributors to OpenQM are welcome to submit any changes that they may make back to Ladybridge for inclusion in Commerical QM.

The subdomain that points to this website is granted by Ladybridge, however the server hosting this project, and it's content is neither their responsibility, or under their control. The server is a VMWare Server 2 Virtual Machine located in a high-bandwidth datacentre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is kindly hosted by SteveB who maintains a daily backup to a secondary datacentre in Amsterdam. If you can provide a stable high bandwidth mirror, please contact SteveB.