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QM provides a remote API access to any client system that can get to the server via socket 4243, and obeys the protocol.

QM API Server setup guide

Server Setup

QM is technically able to handle API connections about of the box. However your server will need some configuring. (RPM will do this for you in near future).


The following is a guide to the protocol that the server responds to.

Currently a working document, far from perfect, but you get the idea:


Warning: I have suspicions that the protocol changed for login quite dramatically for 2-6-6, as opposed to 2-4-17 which this Spec doc was originally based on. Confirmed - Functioning Java-QM client for 2.4.17 does not work on 2.6.6. Exact reason why has yet to be determined. Should have some answers soon, new year 2009 has a need for the Java API on 266.

API library's

  • C - native - Released
  • Visual Basic - native - released (library not released with commercial?)
  • Java API - native - Alpha stage
  • Delphi - Wrapper - (native expected Q1 2009)
  • PHP - wrapper - Beta (Native - Prototype (Dec 08))