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Things we need or want.

If you can do this for the project pop your name by it to claim the job, and contact the Dev mailing list.

To keep in touch with this slowly evolving agenda register, making sure you check "email alerts on pages I watch", login and click the "watch" tab at the top of this page.


  • Existing bugfixes - Stage1; Can anyone with existing bug fixes please get a SVN (subversion) user and pass from SteveB and begin committing any patches and fixes they have to the 266 tree.
The ball is rolling
  • Makefile - TAKEN - Diccon (Thanks to Andruk Tatum for the Original on Google group, only minor tweaks to get working on our source)
  • Lastest version DEB package
  • QM API list compression
  • Svn Linux howto
  • Logo
  • XML Database layer
  • XQuery Engine
  • Specific flavoured compatibility modes (eg D3 mode, Sequoia mode)
  • Code porting program, similar to jBase's PORT.BAS (ideal for Perl regexp?)
  • QM BASIC Subversion client wrapper - Simple way to get Pickies onboard. - TAKEN - Karaken12 I've already done this, although it does need some cleaning up.


  • Sort /var/www or Apache so we dont have to multi sym link to get dirs visible. - ""TAKEN"" - DanW I'll sort this, I think a simple landing page with links to the various bits of the system will simplify our directory structure somewhat.
  • ftp access? (not sure if we need this) ""TAKEN"" - DanW - I can set up SFTP access, somewhat more secure than FTP
  • SVN compatibility/capability with hashed files

*A proper Bug Tracker. This page will do for now, but it would be much better to have a real tool. - Bugzilla up


  • ERRMSG to hold more than one error