I'm unable to restore my pseudo-tape saves from D3!

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Pseudo-tape files under D3 are compressed via the "compress" utility.

In order to be able to restore these files to your Scarlet system, you'll need to un-compress them by hand. If you're using a Fedora (or any other system that uses the "yum" install tool), and you don't have compress/uncompress, you can install the "ncompress" package to get it. ("sudo yum install ncompress" is the command line)

gzip will also handle this un-compression operation if you don't want to install any new software.

In order for gunzip/uncompress to read the file properly, you need to add the ".gz" extension to all the pseudo-tape files in order for gunzip or compress to properly un-compress them.

Once you've got all the files un-compressed, you can proceed with your restore as you would normally.