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ScarletDME a MultiValue Data Management Environment.

Data Management Environment

Scarlet is a Database management environment. A name to describe the close link of the powerful programming language built into the Database system itself. As well as many other fundamental principles such as distinct Meta data Dictionaries and it's MultiValue capabilities. Placing it as more than just a database. It owes many of its features to its grandfather system PICK, for which OpenQM was designed to be a direct modern replacement. Combining and enhancing it's legacy Scarlet seek to evolve some excellent principles such as MultiValue into a modern environment, invoking a powerful and yet easy to use development platform.


Forked from OpenQM on the 28th November 2008 to independently develop future versions of the Database system, Scarlet is a community based GPL product. The Name Scarlet was chosen 6th months after the original fork to aid in the distinction between the Open Source community product and Ladybridges GPL code.