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Whacked QM API on here because there is no home or structure yet, will correct it when we next all talk - Diccon

Diccon 10 Feb 2009 (UTC) I think we should split ithis up a bit, now we have content.

We need a "User" section, with guides, Docs, utilityies, API's and packages. This needs to have a prominent Downloads bit with the packages. I also need to figure out and make the .deb package, can be harder that the .rpm one :)

And a "Developer" section, with dev mailing list, contacts, potential products/features, bugzilla (half both really), svn, svn guides.

Were a bit cluttered at the moment, wills care newbies off :)

Any thoughts, scream now, before I change anything.

SteveB 13:10, 12 February 2009 (UTC) Yes it could do with a haircut or at least a shave.

Diccon 14:02, 16 February 2009 (UTC) I'll get it a fresh shirt and some coffee ;)