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Dan Wentworth


Currently a student at Bournemouth University, UK studying either Internet Communications Systems, Multimedia Communication Systems or Network System Management (when I decide which looks better on a CV). At present on placement at an IPTV/VoD/Digital Signage company in the south of England, working as a development tools engineer.

Dan's first experience with pick systems was with his first computing job at Adrian Tesson Associates where he was involved with porting an information system from Sequoia Pro to jBase. He has subsequently come across other flavours of pick including OpenQM in his travels.

I have no idea why I've written this in the third person.


  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Administration
  • PHP
  • Javascript/AJAX
  • BASH
  • Python
  • (Soon) Ruby on Rails


  • Laptop: Mac OS X
  • Desktop: Ubuntu
  • Server: Centos (or Debian)
  • Drink: Pint of Real Ale

Interest in OpenQM

  • Enjoys complicated data structures
  • Open source development
  • Would like to see OpenQM interfaced with more languages