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Just another geek that loves Pick.

I'm into small scale R/C and have a tricked HPI RS4 M/T and a HeliMax CPv3 heli(which I still can't fly well) I used to run PickSource, but it failed due to a lack of decent content contributions other than my own. This is my last attempt at a GPL project so I hope it succeeds. Employed by All-Spec Industries since Dec 1996 as IT Director, CIO, network admin, etc et all. Married to a great wife/mom, April, with fraternal twin daughters Sarah and Naomi.

My background is in EE(digital circuit design), but I never had a chance to apply it. I obtained an ASEE, transferred to UNC Charlotte and got burned out my senior year. I went to work at All-Spec during that time and have been growing with the company since then. I plan on obtaining my CS degree when time allows.