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Development of installation assiters or binary distribution packages.


It exists, it need documenting and making into a auto build process on the gpl.openqm server. Contact Diccon for info.


For Ubuntu, Debian, and other debian based distros.

Debian package, a classic one exists. It can be done again. GlenB is the contact for this.

A bundle of build and publish scripts, repository formats/files, and various source files can be found here. This bundle includes the source releases of the OpenQM project and all of the files must be rebranded to reflect the ScarletDME project name.

Distro neutral script

This is an idea at the moment, mainley aimed at developers. If you have an install of QM already you might want to quickly setup multiple QM directorys/version on one server, to allow you to play around.

To achieve this a distro neutral script could be written to se the current dir of QM to be the current running one.

  • Move out QM.config in /etc, place an apropriate one for current dir
  • check for groups, qm, and qmdev, create if missing.
  • move or link to /usr/bin/qm (and other binarys)

This should be non destructive and able allow reinstantiation of previous installs.