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Welcome to ScarletDME is a OpenSource MultiValue database, a community fork of OpenQM originally developed by Ladybridge. This project was founded on the 28th November 2008 to independently develop future versions of ScarletDME and contribute to OpenQM.

Submissions to this project must be under the GPL version 2, with the option to use a later version if the licensee wishes. Or they can be licensed under the LGPL if you wish to encourage and allow incorporation into proprietary products. Contributors to ScarletDME are welcome to submit changes back to Ladybridge as well, for inclusion in Commercial QM. See Commercial submissions for details. We encourage submission to Ladybridge, the founder of this MultiValue database. We do recognise their processes are not as easy as traditional GPL projects. So we simply offer an easier forum for development with less stringent controls on contribution and participation.

Name change Some of you may have noticed The new Logo (to your left) With the new Brand name, ScarletDME (Data Management Environment). This is to be the new name for the GPL project based on Ladybridges GPL OpenQM; something to distinguish GPL from commercial. Changing every name reference will take a little time to complete, until then the names GPL OpenQM and Scarlet/ScarletDME will be synonymous. You can reach this site via The server is a VMWare Server 2 Virtual Machine located in a high-bandwidth datacentre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is hosted by SteveB who maintains a daily backup to a secondary datacentre in Amsterdam. If you can provide a stable high bandwidth backup mirror, please contact him.

This server is DOWN/SLOW around 04:00GMT nightly for 15mins while backing up.

For Users

Supporting Projects

Various external projects that provide tools for or API's into OpenQM

For Developers

For those that want to contribute to OpenQM GPL project.

How do I use this site?

If you have a question on USAGE of the community version of OpenQM, then send it to the general email support group.

If you want to discuss DEVELOPMENT of the community version of OpenQM (eg. php5 module) then send it to the development email group.

While the email lists are best for getting attention, permanent changes in this wiki will have a longer term impact so feel free to add or change ANYTHING in this wiki.

External Resources